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Having worked with Century Tours before, we had complete faith that they would pull together an amazing post-event team day for us – and we couldn’t be happier with their service. Everything ran seamlessly . Exactly what we have come to expect from their team.
The treasure hunt was a stroke of genius on Century Tours’ part. This raised the bar and then some in terms of a team challenge that served two purposes perfectly – showcasing Anglesey as a travel destination and giving people time together to get to know each other. Everyone loved it and we re-named Katie ‘Wincy Willis’ after the brains behind the clues on the TV version of Treasure Hunt. It was written as a tailor-made activity for us and I have no idea how she pieced it all together. It was the perfect activity to get people out and about experiencing the location in a totally different way, which is quite a challenge when dealing with travel industry professionals who have usually seen and done it all!