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Normandy Beaches


Take a trip to France and explore multiple WW2 battle sites!

Visit multiple landing beaches, Museums and battle sites as well as getting to enjoy a Michelin star dining experience!

Learn about one of the greatest seaborne invasions!

The invasion of France by the allies in June 1944 was one of the greatest seaborne invasions ever attempted. Two British, one Canadian and two American beaches were assaulted by 24,000 troops in the initial waves.

The Normandy campaign lasted until August when the Allies defeated the resisting German forces and started the drive to liberate the whole of France.

Today, many of the original fortifications can still be visited, making it an excellent battlefield tour with plenty to see whether you have a keen interest in military history or simply want to see for yourself the remnants of our war-torn past that has shaped our global history.

Itinerary Highlights

High Tea at Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth

Enjoy a delicious treat with uplifting views from the sanctuary of The Clouds café, 105 metres above the ground.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyards

Visit Nelson’s legendary warship, HMS Victory or King Henry VIII’s Mary Rose. Step aboard HMS Warrior, the pride of Queen Victoria’s fleet or take in some of the naval museums.

Portsmouth D-Day Museum

Discover the D-Day story told through the personal accounts of people who were there and brought to life through stunning audio-visual presentations.

Ferry Crossing

To cross the English channel, we recreate the soldiers’ journey by sea, taking the overnight ferry from Portsmouth. You will wake to see the coastline of France and the Normandy beaches ahead of you. The crossing with Brittany Ferries is inclusive of a standard cabin for the journey.

Juno Beach

The main landing beach of the Canadian Army remains littered with remnants of the battle fought here. See original fortifications and the distinctive memorial that commemorates the losses suffered.

Omaha Beach Memorial Museum

Located on Omaha Beach itself where the American naval landing took place on June 6, the 1400m² Memorial Museum allows us a peep into the daily lives of those who landed to liberate us.

Omaha Beach American Cemetery

The Normandy American Cemetery in Colleville-sur-Mer is the most famous and visited overseas military cemetery in the world. No trip to the region is complete without a visit to this solemn and poignant place.

Pointe Du Hoc

Visit the site where American forces scaled 100ft cliffs to take high ground from German forces. Many of the original fortifications have been left in place and the site remains speckled with bomb craters.

Lebrec Cider and Calvados Brewery Visit

The Ciderie is located in an old castle that was used to house American soldiers. The Ciderie became the local “pub” for the troops and you’ll find a WWII engineers memorial on the land behind the house.

Michelin Star Dining Experience

No visit to France would be complete without experiencing the delights of French cuisine. Le Pavé d’Auge, in the center of one of the most beautiful villages in France welcomes you for authentic meals and refined dishes.

Pegasus Bridge

The bridges of Ranville and Bénouville were recaptured in the early hours of the night of the 5th to the 6th of June 1944 by the British 5th Parachute Brigade, whose emblem was Pegasus. The bridge over the canal was renamed Pegasus Bridge in memory of this great military feat.

Merville Battery

An excellent if not heartbreaking look at the ravages of one small part of the second world war. Made very real by the fact it is located on the actual site of a pivotal landing site of the allies during the liberation.

Example Itinerary

Day 1 
Travel to Portsmouth
High tea at Spinnaker Tower
Visit D-Day Museum
Visit Historic Dockyards
Dinner at Cosy Club
Travel to ferry for embarkation
Board overnight ferry to France
Day 2
Arrive ferry port Ouistreham
Visit Commando landings site
Visit Juno Beach with breakfast stop at beachfront cafe
Visit Omaha Beach including Memorial Museum
Lunch at beachfront cafe
Visit Normandy American Cemetery and witness the flag lowering at 4pm
Check in to accommodation
Dinner at accommodation prepared by your hosts
Day 3 
Visit Pointe du Hoc
Lunch in Bayeaux with opportunity to explore the town
Visit D-Day Experience Museum in Carentan
Visit Bernard Lebrec Cider and Calvados Brewery
Return to accommodation
Dining experience at the exclusive Pave D’Auge restaurant
Return to accommodation
Day 4
Visit Pegasus Bridge
Visit Merville Battery
Return travel via Eurotunnel