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About Us

Century Tours was founded by partners Andy Fittes and Katie Love (a soon to be husband and wife team!).

Combining their passion for travel and events with the skills and knowledge gained through their respective careers, building the business has been a source of immense pride over the past few years.

They now work with a team of trusted partners to create, plan and deliver exceptional experiences for their clients.

Meet The Team

Katie’s career highlights include teaching Berber guides ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain’ whilst
trekking through the Sahara desert and performing as an Ugly Sister for charity whilst managing the Rugeley Rose Theatre.

Her creative ideas and flair for the dramatic are what fuel the innovative events and out-of-the-ordinary
itineraries at Century Tours. Her aim with every Century Tours trip or event is to add a little wow factor.

Andy served as an officer in the Metropolitan Police for 31 years, starting as a constable in the Tower Hamlets area of London. His career encompassed security planning for major national and international events, including the London 2012 Olympics. This led to one of the highlights of his career, lassoing Boris Johnson, then Mayor of London, off a zip wire above the Olympic crowds!

He completed his service in a national role steering the Police Federation of England and Wales until his
retirement in 2018. For the past 20 years, Andy has run battlefield tours to WW1 and WW2 sites across Europe and his love and encyclopedic knowledge of military history drives the battlefield tours element of the
business today.

Andy’s logistical planning skills, un-flusterable demeanor and storytelling abilities are a perfect mix when acting as guide and host on tours and events. A truly safe pair of hands.