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Century Tours were unbelievably on the money with our team weekend incentive trip. They put so much thought into every element of the trip, making it completely unique. We were honestly blown away. We loved how laid back yet organised Katie and Andy were, letting us enjoy every moment in a relaxed way. Exploring so much of London was an unexpected treat as was the quirkiness of our accommodation and the incredible food that was all included. The Krays tour hosted by the charismatic Lock Stock actor Vas Blackwood was absolutely captivating and the Street Hunt game a hilarious highlight. The attention to detail Century Tours put into creating the itinerary meant there wasn’t a hint of stress, from transport to choosing beautiful places to eat and stay Katie and Andy had it covered. It was a wonderful experience for our whole team, perfectly fitting our brief and I was amazed at what was included for the budget I’d set. There’s no way I would have thought of this without their help, and I certainly couldn’t have pieced it all together so expertly. Having them on-hand to deliver the whole experience was invaluable, and we loved their company as much as each other’s. We’re still talking and laughing about the fun we had 6 months on, and probably will be in 6 years! That has to tell you something.