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Are you adventurous with your choice of where to stay when you book a break away, or do you go straight for something familiar and less risky?

If you can bear to prise your finger off the hotel ‘book now’ button and delve into the possibilities of quirkier places to stay, you may find something interesting enough to tempt you away from executive suites and five-star spa luxury.

A google-search around ‘quirky’ or ‘unusual’ holiday accommodation will bring forth a plethora of options, from hobbit houses to millionaire’s mansions, and we encourage you to at least take a peek before finalising your holiday plans.

As a tour company we wholeheartedly embrace the different, and always slip in some alternative accommodation options when creating our tour proposals for groups.

Our Harry Potter tour, for example, has included a stay in a 16th Century castle. And our Agatha Christie tour has incorporated a murder mystery evening and stay in a luxurious English manor house.

It’s something that has sometimes tipped the balance and sold a tour for us, with tour guests even becoming true converts saying they will continue to find more unique places to stay in the future.

The uniqueness of your holiday home adds a little extra je ne sais quoi to your trip, making it all the more marvellously memorable.

If any of you are thinking of trying something a little out of the ordinary, these are our seven reasons why you should:

  1. 1. The search is more exciting

As you scroll through castles and gatehouses, lighthouses and chapels, mansions and millionaires’ apartments, your imagination goes wild! You giggle at the thought of some, and gasp at others. You narrow it down to 20, then ten… then wonder if you made a mistake not shortlisting the little riverside log cabin in the woods, so you go back to your search again. You choose one and check availability. Yes! It’s free! You book, knowing it’s going to be… different.

  1. You’re super-hyped when you arrive

Is it as jaw-dropping as you hoped? The anticipation of seeing your idiosyncratic holiday idyll will have you super-hyped before you step out of the car. Our quirky choices often surpass expectations and leave our tour guests awe-struck. It feels like a true journey of discovery.

  1. Exploring is more fun

It’s not just the rooms at these unusual properties that can take you by surprise, it’s the furniture and the special little touches that complete the experience. At a recent treehouse stay, we discovered a wardrobe that opened into Narnia, complete with lamppost and lion (I kid you not)! At every twist and turn there were more fabulous features just waiting to be found. A carved owl on the gate-post, a hidden stained-glass panel that glowed into life at the flick of a light-switch, hand-made bathroom tiles painted with local scenes. You feel like a kid again, rummaging through the bookshelves and cupboards and peeking your head around each door to discover the hidden gems beyond.

  1. Going to bed is an adventure

Instead of somewhere to simply rest your head, your quirky cottage, caravan or castle makes going to bed, and waking up, an adventure in itself. It may have a skylight, perfect for stargazing, or an extravagant four-poster bed fit for a king. And waking in distinctive surroundings will most definitely fix a smile on your face before dawn has even broken.

  1. It feels like it’s all yours

No matter how personal a hotel tries to make its service, you can’t escape the fact that you’re a number on their database. You’re Room 16, with allocated table number six for breakfast. You walk past 15 doors, each with identical rooms behind them, before arriving at your own.

When you book somewhere out of the ordinary, it’s like stumbling upon booty that’s all yours. You’re no longer on the conveyor belt of travellers passing through, you become a part of this place’s story. It feels perfectly acceptable to live in your own little fantasy world.

  1. It’s perfect Instagram material

The pull to post pictures is all-consuming. You can’t help but revel in the eccentricity of your discovery and tell the world that you’ve found something special. You play with the angles and filters and share with the world your nirvana.

  1. It’s a great conversation piece

You’ll find yourself recounting the story, time and again, of how you stayed in the most unusual place. And watching people’s faces when you tell them you’ve just stayed in a bomb shelter, or a hobbit house never gets old. Why not rouse a little curiosity in others – perhaps they’ll be tempted to try the atypical too!

If you’re looking for a unique group trip, Century Tours can take all the stress and hassle out of the organisation and booking.

Century Tours offers fully planned and guided experiences for small groups across the UK and Europe, where everything is tailored exactly to your requirements.

To discuss options and receive a bespoke tour proposal, call 0333 006 8800.